Earn free lumens each week through the inflation mechanism of Stellar


Just like fiat money, also lumen needs inflation


Refer your friends to our pool and pay less fees!

Get Started


Stellar Desktop Client

  1. Download and install the Stellar Desktop Client.
  2. Fund you wallet with at least 2 XLM
  3. Click on your Stellar address (A)
  4. Click on Inflation Destination (B)
  5. Copy and paste our inflation destination, see address above (C)
  6. Save your settings (D)


  1. Fund you wallet with at least 2 XLM
  2. Copy and paste your private key in the textbox below
  3. Click the Set Option button

This operation runs client side through the JavaScript library of Your private key will only be used to sign the transaction localy and won't leave your computer.


People Voted


Votes Received


Payments Executed


Lumens Payed

How Does It Work


Stellar has a built-in inflation mechanism. You can compare it to your savings account at a normal bank on which you get some interest rate. Stellar has the same thing! Every account which has 0.05 % of all lumens in existence gets a yearly interest of 1.00 %. Currently 0.05 % of all lumens in existence would mean you have to hold 52 million of lumens. Because that's a huge amount of lumens, we created this pool so we can work together to get our inflation! Please note that you don't have to send your lumens to us, your lumens will never leave your wallet. You'll just have to vote for our pool an you'll get paid by us. To learn more about the technical details, please read Stellars concepts guide about inflation.

When do we pay

The distribution of new lumens is limited to once a week. In the beginning of the week, inflation will be calculated and each member of our pool will receive his or her share!


Our website is hosted through Amazon Cloudfront and our payment servers are hosted on Amazon EC2 in multiple regions and availability zones using clustered SQL backends. We specifically designed our platform aiming at a 99.9999 % uptime! The cover the costs, we ask a 3% fee of our members but go as low as 1 % through referrals!

Road map

This is only the start, we are releasing new features soon. For instance we are developing a module so you can check who's referring to your account and how much the pool payed you already.


You are recommending our pool to your friends and they also want to join? Great! That should be rewarded. That's why for the first 4 friends you refer, you'll receive a 0,50 % per friend discount on the pool fee!

We'll check who referred to whom using the built-in data pairs of Stellar. Note that to following should be executed in your friends Desktop Wallet!

  1. Click on the Stellar address (A)
  2. Click on Manage Data (B)
  3. Enter as Data Entry Name and your/the referrers address as Data Entry Value (C)
  4. Save the data pair (D)

Please keep in mind we will monitor this closely, so no pyramid schemes of sololy owned accounts nor accounts with only 2 lumen on it!


Questions? Just send them through the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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